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All Kinds of Parties!

  • Hi my name is DJ Vinny from Bandstand DJ's. 
  • We have many years of experience. 
  • Our entertainment concentration genres consists from the classics 60's, Boomhaton, Country, Current EDM, Cubia, Dance Hall, Disco, Funk, Future House, Latin, Hip Hop Muzik, Merenge, Motown, Pop Muzik and R&B. For the older generations we play swing, Frank Sinatra and more! etc. from the 40's and 50's era. 
  • Music remastered for today's technology!
  • Bandstand has an extensive library for every affair imaginable as mentioned and more than 200k accompanies every gig! If we don't have the soundtrack we will get it for you! 
  • We welcome your playlists and enjoy helping to make them work withing your affair!
  • We value and welcome your play requests. 
  • Your guests will be moving in their seats or taking it out to the dance floor. 
  • Don't let fancy web-sites sway your decision.
  • Let someone with many years of musical knowledge and up-to-date digital sound sound system entertain your guests. 
  • Band Stand is progressively advancing music forward!
  • Fully electronic computerized music system technology!
  • Guests requested music submitted to the DJ via linked computerized technology!
  • Fully Insured!
  • Give Bandstand DJ'S a spin for your next event and get the party started!
  • Holiday's are coming Book early for prime dates. Don't forget about New  Year's eve. Let us welcome the New Year!


Great Music

We offer lighting, zap photography and the option of having your DJ   

accompanied by a Percussionist.  


Why Choose Me?

Based on my 25 years of experience, I can accommodate the customer and leave them with bitter sweat memories of their auspicious occasion.  

** Fully Insured**


Party Contract


Band Stand

Music for all occasions

Band Stand DJ's

2206 Jeffrey Drive

North Bellmore, NY 11710

This agreement made on the _________ day of _________, 20____ between Band Stand DJ's and _____________________ ( hereinafter referred to as client).

It is mutally agreed between the parties as follows:

BAND STAND DJ'S  agrees to provide recorded music at the engagement.

1) PLACE OF ENGAGEMENT:______________________________________________ PHONE _________________

2) EXACT ADDRESS:___________________________________________________________________________________

3) DATE OF ENGAGEMENT:__________________________________________________________________________

4) HOURS OF ENGAGEMENT:________________________________________________________________________

5) TYPE OF ENGAGEMENT:___________________________________________________________________________

It is further mutally agreed between the parties as follows:




Client is advised that no contract exists with BANDSTAND DJ'S until aforementioned deposit must be made within 10 days of this agreement date.  Time and dates cannot be reserved without a deposit.

__________________________________________________________        ________________________________________________

Signed Client                                                                      Date               BANDSTAND DJ'S                                        Date

Address: ________________________________________________


Home Phone #: ___________________________________________   

Business Phone #_________________________________________

Contract Page 2

1. Bandstand DJ's will be held harmless for the quality of recorded music

2. Due to the nature of such recordings, Bandstand DJ's will not be held liable for obscene language that is part of specific music genre

3. In the unlikely event that Bandstand DJ's cannot start the event on time or forfeits that date, the client is only entitled to the refund of the deposit

4. All retainer fees are non-refundable

5. Bandstand DJ's will not be held liable for claims, losses, expenses, fees, including attorney fees, costs, and judgements that may be asserted

6. In the event of "Acts of God", and Bandstand DJ's cannot  perform, the client is not entitled to any other compensation, only a refund of the deposit

7.  In the circumstances that Bandstand DJ's cannot perform

 the event due to circumstances of the venue, i.e., or weather related, Bandstand DJ's will be fully compensated as per the contractual agreement

8. Bandstand DJ's will not be held responsible for the musical volume or recorded tracks and the affects to clients and guests

9. It is the discretion of Bandstand DJ's to evaluate conditions during the event.  Surroundings will include enviromental, malcontents, accidents, riots, strikes, violence, threats or harassment to the DJ and its employee's, acts of God, or other legitimate conditions beyond their control. Bandstand Dj's has the right to terminate its services at the venue at any given time without notice to the client.Remaining compensation will be prorated as agreed by the client and Bandstand DJ's  

10. Bandstand DJ's reserves the discretion, in good faith, to amend, stop or cancel the performance should the weather pose potential danger

11. The client assumes liability for any damages and or theft to the equipment caused by the clients guests.  Client to provide a standard electrical outlet within 10 feet of the DJ set-up.  For outdoor functions, some form of (canopy, tent or overhandg) is required for protection of the equipment

12. Bandstand DJ's follows all local noise abetment zoning laws such as curfew.  If the client is in violation, any subjective summons issued shall be the sole responsibility of the hiring client

13. In the event of equipment malfunction, Bandstand DJ's will make all attempts to repair or use a replacement system if available

14. Bandstand DJ's and its associates are entitled to a meal during the course of the event 

15. Any photos/video taken during the event are for the sole purpose of advertising with the discretion of the client

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